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International Assignments

1977    One month assignment to Poland, sponsored by IUCN/SSC:  to assess wolf conservation programs in eastern Poland.

1985    Three week assignment to Portugal:  to recommend future directions in field studies with a view to providing greater protection to the Iberian Wolf.  Trip sponsored by WWF Canada.

1986    Two week assignment to Mexico:  assist in a reconnaissance program to provide information on the current status of Mexican wolves in remote chaparral areas of northern Mexico.  Trip sponsored by University of Satillo, Mexican government and Canadian government.

1994    One week assignment at Tuscany, Italy, to work with leading authorities, worldwide on a compendium on wolf ecology.

1997    Participated in a review of “Studies of bison ecology and brucellosis in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for the United States Department of the Interior.  U.S. Geological Service, Biological Resources Division.

2001    Was a member of a subcommittee for Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, IUCN Species Survival Commission dealing with re-introduction of the Mexican Wolf to Arizona and New Mexico.

2002    Participated in the Montana Bison Research workshop on disease control in Yellowstone National Park.

2002    Participated in IUCN discussion group meetings on conservation of Algonquin Provincial Park Wolves in Ontario.

2006    Served on an independent scientific review committee to asses the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's proposal to re-evaluate the legal status of the Eastern Timber Wolf.

2007    Served on an independent scientific review committee to re-evaluate the legal status of the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf population in the Yellowstone National Park area.