Patsy Cotterill was a person who shared all the same conservation values that I did. Our definition of progress in the modern world was very much alike. We both wrote letters to the editor in local papers and the message was identical Patsy came by her interest in nature, and particularly in plants, early in life in the English countryside. Following a degree in botany from the University of Liverpool, she worked as an abstract writer for the Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux’s Plant Breeding Abstracts. Early in her married life she spend five years in Zambia, Africa (formerly Northern Rhodesia). She emigrated to Canada with her young family in 1970. After 10 years’ living in Manitoba she settled in Edmonton, where she has worked on botanical themes at the Provincial Museum of Alberta, the U of A and Alberta Parks. In the 1990s and early 2000s she was active as a member of the public in advocating for the City of Edmonton’s natural area planning and conservation policies. In retirement, her interests continue to lie in stewardship of natural areas. She believes that cultivating a widespread conservation ethic is essential at a time when burgeoning human population, economic growth and climate change threaten non-human species like never before.