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Cooperative Research

As an adjunct researcher with the Circumpolar Institute, adjunct professor, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta,  and through staff with the Department of Zoology, University of Alberta, the incumbent was directly involved in a number of graduate and undergraduate student projects.  The process was important in order to provide a broader application of the results of the research projects.

Projects were as follows:

1985    Pesendorfer, J.  Censusing wild canids by the elicited/vocalization technique in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.  Honours B.Sc. thesis,  Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ont.  73 pp.

1986    Meleshko, D.  Feeding habits of sympatric canids in an area of moderate ungulate density.  M.Sc. thesis.  University of Alberta, Edmonton.  114 pp.

1990    McKinlay, L.S.  Scent marking and use of space by coyotes in a mixed forest region of Manitoba.  M.Sc. thesis.  University of Alberta, Edmonton.  126 pp.

1990    Paquet, P.  Coyote and wolf ecology.  Phd studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

1991    Pacheco, Jesus.  Exchange program between CWS and University of Mexico, Ciudad Universitaria, Mexico City.

1992    Cluff, D.  Feeding ecology of coyotes in Riding Mountain National Park.  M.Sc. thesis,  University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.  127 pp.

1994    Moehrenschlager, Axel.  Swift Fox population ecology.  Oxford University, England.  Ph.d. project.  DOE Latin American program.   

1994    List, Rurik.  Mexican kit fox project.  Oxford University, England.  DOE Latin American Program.  

1994    Klausz, E.  Small mammal winter abundance and distribution in the mixed grass prairies and implication for the Swift Fox.  M.Sc. thesis. 108 pp.

1998    Johnson, Jeff.  Climate change and productivity of prey species for Swift Foxes in the Canadian Prairies.  Dept. of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta, Edmonton.   .

2001    Kuzyk, Gerry.  Wolf predation on ungulates in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta.  M.Sc. thesis.  120 pp.

2003    Martin-DeMoor, Jonathan.  Swift Fox GIS mapping. Class project.  University of Alberta.