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Books - major scientific & scholarly contributions

1983    Carbyn, L.N. ed. Wolves in Canada and Alaska: their status biology and management.  CWS report series No. 45.  135 pp.

1988    Freeman, M.R. and L.N. Carbyn. eds.  Traditional Knowledge and Renewable Resource Management in Northern Regions. Boreal Institute Occasional Publication Number 23.  124 pp.

1993    Carbyn, L.N., S.M. Oosenbrug and D. Anions.  Wolves, bison... and the dynamics related to the Peace-Athabasca Delta in Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park.  Circumpolar Research Series No. 4.  Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton.  270 pp.
*Shortlisted for best 1993 contribution for Book Publishers' Association of Alberta award in scientific writing.

1995    Carbyn, L.N., S.H. Fritts and D.R. Seip. Ecology and Conservation of wolves in a changing world. Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Occasional Publication No. 35. 642pp.

1998    McClaren, E.N.;  L.N. Carbyn and E. Maloney.  Wolves: an annotated bibliography.  Northern Reference Series No. 6. Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Edmonton, Alberta.   200 pp.

2003    Carbyn, L.N. and M. Sovada.  Ecology and Conservation of Swift Foxes in a changing world.  Canadian Plains Research Center.  University of Regina.

2003    Carbyn, L.N.;  The Buffalo Wolf - Predators, Prey and the Politics of Nature.  Smithsonian Institution.  Washington, DC.  245pp.
**Won "Best Wildlife Book of the Year" award from the Canadian National Geographic Society.